with powerful, documented facts.


in the center and afterward.


using content that relates.

Creating Opportunity & Hope

Compassion, concern and accurate information all matter to the your clients. HopeSync helps you fill these needs on the devices your clients use most; both in your center and afterward.

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Triple Content

HopeSync includes an educational, professional and relational video with each client concern. The purpose is to allow the client to get all the information needed (educational), hear a doctor or counselor talk about the subject (professional) and experience the story of someone who has been through the same situation (relational).


HopeSync is designed to be used inside the center and by your client after they leave. This gives both second chances and reinforcement of positive decisions. And it is simple. Just listen to your client and her concerns, then click, "Send to Client" on the matching HopeSync content. It will text to your client's phone for later review.

Simple & Powerful

HopeSync is simple, but its simplicity hides power to reach clients where they are. Does your client need a list of shelters in the area? One button sends it to her phone. Does she need to know her options with an abusive boyfriend? Press the text button and off it goes. HopeSync is simple to use, but the impact is powerful.

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