Reaching clients... the specific need.

For the client’s specific need...

HopeSync’s Concern Tree provides access to a wide variety of possible concerns of your client. Answer each concern with relatable facts and videos.

Coming from her worldview...

The HopeSync Concern Tree is built to answer her concerns in the way she can hear and relate to the best.

Professional, Educational, Relational...

Each concern is answered in bulleted text and in three video presentations, including professional (expert), educational (scripted) and relational (story) videos.

Concern Tree

The Concern Tree answers your client’s specific needs by using drill-down topics. The process of finding the needed content is fast and non-disruptive to the session. The client’s specific concern can then be answered well with documented facts and videos that reach both the heart and mind.

Do you have information you want to send to your client quickly and easily? You can copy and paste your resources, lists and handouts into HopeSync and start texting them to clients. This technique is simple and powerful, as your paper handouts go away and clients now have access to your information on their phones.

Custom Concern Tree

If you have a list of homeless centers in your city, you can use HopeSync to text it out immediately. Do you have DES locations? Text it! How about information on your programs? Text that too! Send text and videos with a few second’s work.

Changing the Concern Tree

HopeSync curates all the template items on the Concern Tree to keep it relevant and up-to-date. You can add your own information in custom concerns and decide which template items to show or hide.