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How do I show videos on my TV?


Small-to-Large Screen Options


Wired (HDMI)

If you want the bullet-proof solution that just works (and works well with volunteers who aren't tech-savvy), then choose a wired solution coming from a tablet or a laptop. Device options and videos are below.


Roku/iOS Apps

Our apps are a great way to play our videos on your TVs and it is EASY!  Learn more about it below.



If you have iPads or Laptops, this is a great solution! It is clean, fast, and easy. Cast from an iPad to an AppleTV or from the Chrome Browser (non-tablet) straight to a ChromeCast device. Video and details are below.

Wired (HDMI)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not support the hardware, we have just purchased it and tried it out.

Choose a wired device that will make connecting to your TV a breeze. Here is the hardware we have tried out:

HDMI Tablet

Tablet with HDMI Port (~$130)

Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable (~$8)

Tablet Wall Mount (~$45) and Tablet Lock (~$15)

HDMI From Laptop

Any ChromeOS (Chromebook), Windows PC, or Apple laptops with HDMI ports.

  • Bulletproof connection
  • Other uses possible
  • Intuitive interface
  • Connection (wire) is clunky
  • Portable devices can walk-off

New BrightCourse Apps

Our new apps are as simple and easy as possible to use, these are a great solution for Client Advocates who might not be too tech savvy.

Roku App

The Roku app brings the living room experience to your center. You can finally use a remote! It's the easiest way to get BrightCourse videos on the big screen.

Roku (~$29 - $69)

iOS App

The iOS app allows you to quickly and easily watch videos on an iPad/iPhone and allows you to easily cast them to an AppleTV.

iPads (~$329 new, ~$199 renewed)

AppleTV (~$169)

  • Did we say it was easy? If not we will say it again... It's easy!
  • iOS hardware can be expensive
  • Portable devices can walk-off


PLEASE NOTE: We do not support the hardware, we have just purchased it and tried it out.

Wireless is beautiful and seamless – if using the right hardware! If you have it, this is a great solution.

Apple Wireless Solutions

iPads (~$329 new, ~$199 renewed)

AppleTV (~$169)

Chrome Wireless Solutions

Chromecast (~$35)

Any ChromeOS (Chromebook), Windows PC, or Apple laptops (running Chrome Browser). NOTE: iPads and Android Tablets/Phones do not work well with Chromecast.

Chromebook Laptop (~$260)

Chromebook Convertible (~$200)

  • Seamless Connections
  • Wireless!
  • Expensive
  • Portable devices can walk-off

Solutions that Don't Work


Smart TV Browsers

Smart TVs often have browsers built into them, but they are often over simplified and less functional than regular browsers. If your smart TV does not have Chrome (the browser), it will likely not run well.


Amazon Fire Tablets

Fire tablets look great because they are so inexpensive, but Amazon restricts installs to their app store. This means you can't get the Chrome browser, and this site will not run well.


Amazon Firestick

There are many devices that can give you access to streaming content like a Firestick, but they don't work well with the Chrome browser. Avoid these as a solution for streaming from our sites.