Yes, BrightCourse lessons are evidence-based. Our new lessons are created using scientific studies and analysis to provide accurate content that leads to scientifically-sound decision-making. In most cases, you are able to use the factsheets to see the studies, scientific journals, and the medically produced resources used to build the recommendations in each video. If you would like to see an example of these references, see the Shaken Baby Syndrome fact sheet.

Moving Beyond to Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Not only is our factual information based on evidence and research, but the recommended practices in most of our lessons are built using outcome-based research. These are the practices that have been studied to show a positive result. The recommendations that are built on this information are known to be effective, as shown in the prevailing scientific studies. In the medical field, this is known as evidence-based practice, and it is one of the best ways to assure positive results.

How to know if a lesson is evidence-based?

Each lesson that is documented using the scientific data to create predictive recommendations has the "Evidence Based" icon showing below the lesson image (like the icon shown at the left) on the lesson list page. The majority of our lessons are documented in this way.  The remaining lessons (without this icon) are built on experience and values, but they may be lacking the documentation and research in the creation process. All TTL-produced videos are reviewed by a physician (or appropriate expert) whether or not they have the evidence-based icon.